´We care about the faith of Nurburgring.´

Freitag, 08. Juli 2011

´We care about the faith of Nurburgring.´

Man merkt es ist Truck Grand Prix - und die großen Trucker haben ein großes Nordschleifen-Herz. Markus Oestreich und sein Team MKR Technology reden nicht lange drumrum:

“Faith of the Nürburgring racing track is a matter which touches also our team and that is why we have decided to support the „Save the ring“ initiative. For the upcoming weekend race, which will be hosted here as the fifth event of the European truck racing championship, we have prepared a logo to support the cause.

Recently there was a fun park built at Nürburgring which sent the venue into enormous debt. The project cannot be financed with the profit from attractions of such unreasonable size and this could threaten motorsport in general, in spite of the long tradition it has had here,“ mentioned our pilot Markus Oestreich, who boasted the „Save the Ring“ initiative logo on his machine already for our testing session in Most.

The initiative to save to salvage the racing track alerts that in the period from 2007 to 2009 a huge fun park was built at Nürburgring, whose design was mistakenly based on a wrong visitors’ count. The modern venue is mostly empty and it is becoming a ghost town. The initiative is trying to bring to the management individuals who will understand motorsport and put an end to the track’s coupling with the Disneyland-like venue which only abuses its household name and trademark. “It’s fairly simple. Value of the tradition is much higher than the value of some roller coaster in this case,” explained Markus, who is already looking forward to jumping up to the podium in his homeland to show everyone the right purpose of the Nürburgring track.

Super Text, nur bei dem “mistakenly” im Sinne von “irrtümlicherweise” bin ich mir nicht so sicher ;)

Übrigens, Markus weiß mal ganz genau wovon er redet, er ist DTM noch auf dem richtigen Nürburgring gefahren.

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