Next Weekend: Dubai 24 Hours LIVE on Motors TV and

Samstag, 07. Januar 2012

Next Weekend: Dubai 24 Hours LIVE on Motors TV and

What a great start into the motorsport season 2012: the 24 hours race in Dubai will be broadcasted live in TV for the first time and commentary provided by no other than the team from Radio Le Mans / Radio Show Ltd.

You can’t ask for more - can you?

In case you dare to do, how about this: GPS coverage including iPhone App:

“The position of all vehicles of the 24h-race will be displayed on a clearly arranged digital map.”

Full overview of the coverage is here and the race program as PDF download here.

There are many teams from the Ring taking part in this event and with this extensive coverage it has all the potential for a great weekend - just make sure to reserve some spare time next weekend!

I visited that race back in 2006 when it was on the first time six years ago, have a look at the pictures I brought back with me at the time:

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