Visiting the EU in Brussels.

Montag, 07. März 2011

Visiting the EU in Brussels.

A week ago Ron asked me to join him for a meeting with the European Commission. I was happy to say yes, even though preparing for it meant even more hours in front of that computer screen!

Brussels is easy to get to from Cologne, only 2 hours when travelling by train. It don't choose that means of transportation too often, but of course IF I do there is a strike. Worked out ok though.

The two hours of the meeting Ron and I used to explain the full Nurburgring case to the team working on that subject. It turned out they are pretty up-to-speed and asked the right questions. "Bundeskartellamt" got mentioned too and they encourage us to stay in contact to keep them informed - they take the issues seriously. We on the other side got a good picture on the procedures and their progress. In summary it was a good meeting and there is more to come!

The team we met were not the perfect recipients for the petition, but your 17.835 signatures travelled with me and I wouldn't dare to come back without a souvenir picture, here it is:

I haven't seen the European Parliament before, it's an interesting collection of buildings. I uploaded some more here.

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