Some updates on P 4/5 by Jim Glickenhaus - Diesel engine for his Ferrari?

Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

Some updates on P 4/5 by Jim Glickenhaus - Diesel engine for his Ferrari?

At the VLN weekend I used the chance for a quick chat with James Glickenhaus, the man behind P 4/5.

In short this is a completely crazy project - with style and budget. Always a good receipe for something big. By now his project is really well known and the team is really good in communicating via FB since the very start.

Here is what Jim shared with me:

  • They have been at Nordschleife 2 times now, but won’t come again prior to the 24 hours. They will continue testing however, if I remember correctly at Hungaroring.
  • They’re not happy with the regulatory body, the so called “Balance of Performance” tries to balance the cars against each other. But I have yet to meet a team who is happy with it.
  • The project is not over with the Nurburgring’s 24 Hours: Le Mans (!) and Sebring are on the wishlist too.
  • For all of you who are waiting for the car to get painted in red: forget it. It will never be red, but remain carbonfibreblack.
  • Now get this: they want to upgrade with a Diesel engine! For performance reasons. Not this year though. Not sure how that goes down with Montezemolo: a Ferrari powered by Diesel.

In general I have the feeling they really like the open and friendly athmosphere of the VLN. The pitlane is open for everybody and with more than 200 racecars participating you have a lot to check out. But it also means as a team you have to share a total of 30 pits - it can get crowded at times.

I really like that project and I hope they have a trouble-free 24 Hours!

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