NAGs new campaign to make you LOVE them.

Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

NAGs new campaign to make you LOVE them.

By coincidence I came across this LOVE THE RING brand registration:

It has been registered in May 2011 by the private Nürburgring operators - Kai Richter and Jörg Lindner - with their “Nürburgring Automotive GmbH” company. Click the picture for the official documentation.

The logo looks pretty similar to the SAVE THE RING logo I invented in December 2010 for our protest against the Leisure Park and Nürburgring privatisation:

(24 Hours 2011 Parc Fermé - click picture for gallery.)

I’m still missing the point to register something, which already exists - and even more: which is targeting exactly in the opposite direction. Never mind, just about everything happening at the Ring right now is hard to understand, so let’s put the reasoning aside for a moment.

When you compare their fake logo with my original, they are nearly the same. But are they THE SAME? Did they make a 1:1 copy and walk that to the brand registration office?

Actually, they did. Here is a comparison merged into 1 picture, I took their layout from the original documentation (can be downloaded as PDF here, search for registration number 009987108).

The letters are exactly the same, not just similar, but identical. In red you see the STR logo and the black outline redraws their copy of it.

So why all this effort and spending so much money?

This evening - as we speak - they introduce a new website, which is LOVE THE RING all over it:

They seem to think that the public can’t differentiate between the historic Nordschleife as such and Kai Richter / Jörg Lindner, who are running it since one year.

I’m not a native English speaker, but on our STR wall it has been mentioned that their new claim LOVE THE RING allows alternative interpretations:

I doubt you’ll be seeing this appearing on the cars of any heterosexual male drivers… Would look great with a rainbow background.

^^ has hit one nail on the head. Don’t think they realise what that can and will be read as.

CST goes CSD? Hard to imagine they overlooked this, given the effort they are putting into the new campaign. Then again the Nurburgring Automotive GmbH has shown on earlier occasions their lack of language skills.

Guess what, they have a sticker too:

“If you like, we send you the Love-The-Ring-sticker to your home for free. Or you download it as a graphic and produce it for yourself”.

Sounds familiar?

Looking at the community it seems like stealing the STR idea doesn’t go down too well: the anti-LOVE THE RING group was live even before they had their website online.

The reactions here tell it all really. Let’s keep pushing STR and spread the word. People need to know what’s happening, even though there is some effort needed to look behind the scenes.

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