Happy Birthday STR!

Donnerstag, 10. November 2011

Happy Birthday STR!

[ENGLISH] Exactly 1 year ago Save The Ring started, however it was more of an accident. Jalopnik had a story on Sabine and they used my picture for it - like many others did before.

No idea why, but this time I wrote a short mail to Matt nicely pointing out the lack of credit and we got talking. I complained a lot on the Nurburgring disaster and no public interest to support Nordschleife matters. It was all news to him and he offered me a guest post in Jalopnik. Which they published Nov 9th 2010 - one year ago:

Save The Nurburgring!

Feedback was overwhelming and I had the feeling that it might be not too late to create awareness and spread more information. Webseite was next and just before Christmas I used my tiny S95 to record a short clip with Sabine. That helped a lot to spread the message and the Facebook site went off like mad.

Being realistic, we are still David vs Goliath here, but people are much more up to speed with all the things going on and we had some nice highlights too: great support from the 24 Hours teams, the demo during F1 GP and the STRassenfest to name but a few.

In the meantime things at the Ring getting worse every day - latest news report about massively overstated spectator figures - again.

Winter looks to become quiet - not surprising in the rather tough Eifel area, but contradicting their ambitious plans to run a full-year leisure park. Which is why they did all this change-over in the first place.

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