Nordschleife: Racetrack, Infrastructure or Cultural Heritage?

Freitag, 25. November 2011

Nordschleife: Racetrack, Infrastructure or Cultural Heritage?

[english] Recently I had a conversation with someone from Rhineland-Palatinate government - that is the local government in charge of Nordschleife.

I asked for more protection of Nordschleife, given that the track is already 84 years old and hosted most of automotive’s history.

The negative answer made me thinking wether I’m maybe too biased:

Nordschleife would never be able to qualify against monuments like Speyer Cathedral, Rhine Valley or Trier.

I understand these are in need of protection and of high cultural value - but where does Nordschleife fit in - if at all?

Defintion of culture is along

“A set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization, or group.”

To me personally Nordschleife means a lot, but does it for public in general too? What size of population is needed to define what culture stands for?

I do fear that Nordschleife might get lost for future generations - development direction south is at a frightening speed. It’s tricky to get honest opinions, because people don’t disclaim their commercial relationship with the track or companies involved. It’s no surprise that NAG wants to keep you quite and just continue to love the Ring, as if everything is just fine.

Within just 4 years the Ring has been transformed into NuroDisney - and to make things worse - collected hundreds of Million Euros of debts. And even worse than that: complete Nürburgring has been handed out into private management for the first time in history.

We now witness the great heritage:

being replaced by kitsch and trash:

just to line the pockets of some.

80 years of motorsports versus 4 years of failure and nothing seems to protect Nordschleife and it’s great heritage.

Curious to know, if it’s just me, I started a poll in Facebook and the results can’t get much clearer:

400 people voted within 24 hours that Nordschliefe actually does qualify as World Heritage Site with only 5 No’s and 4 Don’t-Know’s. Even though this was on STR’s page, it’s still a clear expression of a large amount of people, who ask for protection.

Is it possible that the local politicians don’t realise the value? Are they affraid of loosing control?

Maybe somebody with UNESCO experience reads this and can share some light. Due to the whole Nürburgring affair Nordschleife has already been damaged significantly in such a short time frame. The track being defenceless worries me a lot. Save The Ring please.

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