Do you know Ekkehard Zimmermann?

Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

Do you know Ekkehard Zimmermann?


Never heard of Ekkehard Zimmermann? Or his company dp motorsport he founded back in 1973?

Well, you do know his cars.

Only too often it’s the quiet people in the background who are the real heroes, and he is one of them.

A private Porsche entered by Kremer Racing Cologne came home with the Le Mans 1979 victory (Klaus Ludwig and the Whittington brothers behind the wheel):

It’s the famous “K3” - designed and built by Ekkehard. Like the K1, K2, K3, K4 …




And more recently:

Alzen “Turbinchen”

or the Raeder Lamborghini.

Ekkehard has two sons, Holger running his own composite business and Patrick, who runs the dp workshop now:

and even though Patrick has taken over and things are more modern, it’s absolutely amazing, how much a visit there is a time warp right to the past:

You can’t beat the combination of handcrafted engineering and race-ready Porsches, now mix in some unchallenged racing history and that quiet man Ekkehard, who’s brain and hands have achieved so much in motorsports.

That workshop, sitting shy in a small village near Cologne, is full of highlights and I had a hard time to put it in pictures. Here is one:

The historic photo, which Gerry just got from ebay, matches the parts on the wall.

This is the man himself, showing what he means by “wide bdoy”. See that TOKAI on the wall?

You can still order those historic parts, while we were there a 935-in-a-box got shipped to Ireland …

This is Ekkehard’s own will-probably-never-be-ready-911:

… a mixture of “Chef Spezial …

… and “Rennbreit”:

The most recent model is this beautiful white eye-catcher:

which has been lightened by everything not really neccessary:

And here comes the proof of that professional photo equipment I used for this report:

But the best thing about it is it’s weight, or rather it’s lack of it: 870 kg. You know what that means for a road legal Pokka.

There are more things hanging around worth a look …

… which are …

… beautiful …

… from every …

… angle.

With such a nice workshop you might wonder, why a showroom. But there is one too:

with some rather unfamiliar home-made Porsches:

… and other …

… nice …

… things.

To completely blow us away Ekkehard invited us to his equally beautiful private home, just around the corner.

See this monster flowerpot? It is - of course - selfmade from composite materials.

Setting the stage …

… when coming in …

… Ekkehard opened his drawers for even more time warping:

This one reads “not allowed for publication” … uups.

You knew Rolf Stommelen - now you know Ekkehard Zimmermann too:

Some handmade drawings:

… from the very early days.

In case you wonder what “dp” stands for:

And here we are after hours of great stories:

… to have a look into the garage on our way out. Restoring cars is not enough for Ekkehard, he builds his own:

Many thanks to all at dp for an unforgettable Friday afternoon. And for that original 935 K4 brochure!

If you want to check yourself, have a look at - or even better, stop by next time your a in Cologne. You find dp here.

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