Video Podcast: Nürburgring Situation @ 24 Hours 2013.

Montag, 13. Mai 2013

Video Podcast: Nürburgring Situation @ 24 Hours 2013.

After doing some podcasts in German, Dieter and myself thought it’s time for an English one. Here we go, 30 mins of discussing:

  • Some of the Nürburgring’s history.

  • How the Leisure Park, the EU and the bancruptcy changed everything.

  • What does “Sale of Nürburgring” mean for the motorsport, the region, and you.

  • How can we avoid the Sale and what can everybody do to support.

You can find us:

We hope you find this kind of information useful and we offer to do more, if you want certain aspects discussed or have specific questions.

Please help - Save The Ring!

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