Why SAVE THE RING on ebay is a good thing.

Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

Why SAVE THE RING on ebay is a good thing.

Searching on ebay for “save the ring” nowadays produces quite some results. And really, I like that a lot!

ebay Search for “save the ring”

I invented both logo and website at the end of 2010 and Sabine’s Season Greetings video gave it the push it needed.

The aim was always to spread the word, which is not easy for a spare time project without budget. But the community grew stronger thanks to international participation from everywhere around the world.

The most-asked-question is the “where can I get stickers” one and in the beginning we even offered to send them out individually. Quite a task (many thanks to Ralf!).

Others stepped in to help, Hotel Tiergarten for example produced a batch at their own costs.

I always kept stressing that the 2 logos are copyright-free, to allow people to make their own and even open the market to buy them with your favourite shop.

Now looking at ebay makes me glad it works. The prices seem to be ok and the logos have been properly executed by using the layouts I provide at the savethering.org website.

Even though getting tougher day by day we are fighting the sale of Nordschleife, which the government is pushing through against the huge public opposition. See our last video for more insights, it’s still the situation we are facing right now. Save It, Don’t Sell It.

No matter what happens, I have the feeling we will keep fighting for Nordschleife - the history and the sport - for many years to come. The stronger we are, the better the chances. Please keep showing STR on your cars and bikes and if you are a seller on ebay: please include the STR stickers or any other branded merchandise you offer in your portfolio. And if you can keep the prices low: even better!

Displaying STR on your car is a huge support and we heard some funny stories already of people far away from the Ring spotting the stickers. But offering them on ebay (or any other sales channel) is great support too - many thanks for that!

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