Le Mans 24 Hours - Digital Grid with Homepage, Facebook and Twitter Accounts. All Teams and Drivers plus Follower Numbers.

Dienstag, 04. Juni 2013

Le Mans 24 Hours - Digital Grid with Homepage, Facebook and Twitter Accounts. All Teams and Drivers plus Follower Numbers.

1 Race, 37 Teams and 168 Drivers. Here you find every link you need to get in touch directly.

(For more explanation on this list please scroll down to the end. Status of Follower numbers June 4th, 2013.)

During the preparation of my LM24 visit I was digging through the entry list to familiarise myself with the race. It soon became too much, so I used Excel - which as well soon became too much. Some programming later I had a database and what started a few days ago as my personal excercise can now be enjoyed by everybody: all drivers and teams with their Homepage, Facebook Page and Twitter Account and as we are in a competitive racing environment I did some trick programming to add the follower count too.

If you spot any errors or amendments, please give me feedback via renntv on Facebook or Twitter.

What’s in it?

  • The list is sorted by Teams and Classes.
  • The 4 Classes are shown in their respective colour as on the offical entry list.
  • Homepage - if available - is linked under the Name. Both for Teams and Drivers. You can hover with your mouse over the name to reveal the link.
  • Facebook Page is linked via the symbol and mouse hover does show you the name. Only Facebook pages are shown, not personal profiles or groups - due to their restrictions.
  • Facebook Follower numbers are shown next to the Facebook symbol. They are a snapshot of the day given at the top.
  • Twitter account is linked via the symbol, mouse hover gives you the name. Follower numbers next to it.

I hope you like it! In case you do I might make this a regular exercise. As you can imagine it was a lot of work, but now I have installed this as a local database setup and updates are much easier. (Pulling the follower numbers takes several minutes, so I decided to publish as plain html.)

To collect all this information I had to visit every single one of the racers and teams. And I was a little surprised to see that pretty much all of them had room for improvement in their way of internet communication. Even though some use professional agencies, but still get certain things wrong. I try to summarize my findings below.

There is not a single accout, which I would rate as role model - all (!) have things they could improve on.

Best Practices in my view for Drivers / Teams:

  • Make sure your homepage is high up on Google
  • Set up a Facebook Page (not personal profile!)
  • Set up a Twitter Account
  • Use same Username for Twitter / Facebook (@racername), claim your selected username for your Facebook page (under “account settings” - choose a username for your FB page. Makes it much shorter and cannot be nicked by somebody later. It’s like a URL.)
  • Link from your homepage to Twitter/Facebook (make it easy to find with clear symbols). Often celebreties have “Fan Accounts”, which mimic the official look - thus for somebody searching you it becomes difficult to follow the official account.
  • Link from your twitter account to your homepage
  • Link from your facebook page to your homepage
  • Use the same profile pic on facebook/twitter and ideally homepage
  • And finally: Keep the news coming! :)

If you want to push further, here are some extras:

  • Use Instagram to publish pictures in one go to Twitter and Facebook at the same time (obviously use the same username again)
  • Put your username somewhere on your helmet (like: @racername) or your car

It’s that easy.

The most common mistakes I have seen: no mention of the the twitter/facebook accounts on the hompage. No homepage! No mention of the homepage on the Twitter account. Different usernames. Profile / Homepage hard to find on Google.

When you start on Facebook, please make yourself aware of the differences of

  • Profile
  • Page
  • Group

I’ve seen all of the above in the ’13 Le Mans grid. As a high profile person/team you want a Page!

On the good side of things: racers seem to like twitter a lot and to keep in touch with each other. For us fans this is great, as we can listen and stay in touch.

No matter what happens, I will keep this list as the 2013 Le Mans entry list. Any changes before the race will be reflected and afterwards it will stay as is here in my blog.

Have a good race everybody - see you in France!! :)


All drivers with Twitter account are now collected in this Twitter List: twitter.com/renntv/LM24Racer.

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