Russian Time GP2 beats AMG Mercedes F1.

Freitag, 05. Juli 2013

Russian Time GP2 beats AMG Mercedes F1.

The future of the Nürburgring and specially of threatened Nordschleife moves the people all over the world.

GP2 team Russian Time, who have a great history of changing liveries for the good cause, have decided to support SAVE THE RING during the GP.

And local manufacturer AMG Mercedes? They decided to use old lady Nordschleife for a marketing stunt - again! - without giving a shit mentioning in a single word the huge problems the 86 year old track is facing.

From their footage Mercedes even cut out when the cars passed Wehrseifen - their is a huge SAVE THE RING painted on the tarmac (at 2:58).

Russian Time 1 - Mercedes 0.

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