What a nightmare if Bernie Ecclestone buys the Nürburgring.

Samstag, 06. Juli 2013

What a nightmare if Bernie Ecclestone buys the Nürburgring.

Bernie Ecclestone buying the Nürburgring would be a nightmare for grass root motorsport and tourist drives. Here is a 1:1 translation of what he said according to German WELT newspaper

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“Wie ich höre, will man den Nürburgring verkaufen. Gut möglich, dass ich ihn kaufe. Zumindest denke ich darüber nach.”


“I hear the Nürburgring is for sale. It’s quite possible that I buy it. At least I’m thinking about it.”

For the last 86 years the Nürburgring has been under public ownership and Ja zum Nürburgring / Save The Ring with support from motorsport, the local region and the worldwide community is fighting heavily that it remains under non-profit-making organisation. That is the only way to keep grass root motorsport - the very reason why the Nürburgring exists - alive under todays already tense economical burdens.

My feeling (and that of many others) is: as Bernie Ecclestone is the complete opposite of a non-profit-making organisation tourist drives and races series like RCN and VLN (and as a consequence 24 Hours too) would dissapear in no time.

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