Rennsport Beauties: Toyota GT One.

Mittwoch, 06. November 2013

Rennsport Beauties: Toyota GT One.

This year’s AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix had a special “90 Years of Le Mans” exhibition and it’s hard to meet that many great racing cars in one place.

All of them are exceptional machineries and I love to see them in real with all their history and battles under the belt. All these heroes from Audi, Porsche, Mercedes … and Toyota.

The GT-One raced in ’98 and ’99, before Toyota started their F1 adventures. Recently Toyota returned to Le Mans in 2012 though. GT-One was fast and competitive, but did not manage to win Le Mans:

If there would be a beauty contest however, they would be very much at the front. No matter at what angle you look at this car, it’s just gorgeous in every aspect.

I’ve seen it close before, but that was back in 2005, when Toyota had Open Doors here in Cologne.

During the OGP the car was positioned at the end, which allowed me to catch it from all angles. Look at pictures and judge for yourself (click on the pic for high-res):

All pics I shot with the compact EOS 100D, which I reviewed here: I love this camera, when I cruise through the paddock, it’s really light-weight. My full Picture Report on 2013 Oldtimer Grand Prix can be found here:

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