Das ist doch mal ein Escort MkII: 810kg / 316 PS.

Donnerstag, 06. Februar 2014

Das ist doch mal ein Escort MkII: 810kg / 316 PS.


"In Irish tarmac rally and hillclimb circles, the name Simon McKinley certainly needs no introduction – something that’s easily understood if you followed my cue and watched the video above. But not only has Simon been competing and winning at national-level for a long time, he’s done so in the very same car – a 1980 Mk2 Ford Escort he began building in in the front yard with his father Peter, at the age of just 13.

According to Simon, school homework took a back seat to the build while the pair transformed the GL-grade 1.3L grocery-getter into a formidable tarmac rally toy; and when it emerged out the other side in 1994, there was 200hp worth of tuned-up Pinto motor between the front struts and a driveline built to take every bit of abuse the motorsport-mad family could throw at it.

Schöne Story, lohnt sich komplett zu lesen.

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