Schöner Bericht über dp Motorsport.

Samstag, 19. Juli 2014

Schöner Bericht über dp Motorsport.

“With its foundation by Ekkehard Zimmermann in Overath, Germany, in 1973, the history of the dp motorsport company got irrevocably wedded to the idea of modifying Porsche cars. The one to break ground was a Porsche 911, followed by a “K3”, “CK5”, 935-I and II, 928, 944, and other creations such as the legendary 944 Cargo (the most beautiful station wagon of all), the 962 racing for the street and the 996 dp5. Yet, even after the process of “optimization” all vehicles can still be clearly identified as Porsche cars.”

So sieht’s aus, proudly made in Immekeppel since 1973.

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