Great 1979 BFGoodrich movie of 24 Hours Race.

Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2014

Great 1979 BFGoodrich movie of 24 Hours Race.

Watch the 1st American team to enter the Nürburgring 24 Hours - this was back in 1979. 35 years ago - as you can tell from both the music and the cars.

I once had this clip on CD, but couldn’t find it anymore - so glad somebody uploaded to youtube (where WTF1 picked it up). The cars are nice little V8s (AMC Spirit AMX, more details here, here and here). Including classy BFGoodrich sponsoring - and driven by “Team Highball” prinicpals Amos Johnson, Dennis Shaw, factory Mazda driver Jim Downing, actor James Brolin, IndyCar driver Lyn St James and journalist Gary Witzenburg:

“Two street-stock cars (both with AMC 5.0 L V8 and four-speed transmission) were supplied to ”Team Highball“ for Group One race modifications less than three weeks before a transport ship would sail to Europe.” (Wikipedia)

Also having a part in the movie is Heinz Hennerici, brother of Günther “Eifelland” Hennerici and grandfather of Marc Hennerici. Watch him explaining the track with one arm while driving - and he only got one arm!

Fantastic movie and great documentary, amazing how little the actual track has changed.

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