Mark Webber beim KTM Endurotraining.

Montag, 24. August 2015

Mark Webber beim KTM Endurotraining.

Ganz starker Post im KTM Blog - ich wusste nicht, dass Mark Webber auch schonmal auf seine KTM steigt. Und richtig gut geschrieben ist es auch auch - unbedingt lesen!

The Aussie grew up knocking around on dirt bikes and has recently been trying to up his offroad game. With a KTM 350 EXC-F Six Days in the garage he was keen to chalk some more hours on, Mark called the KTM BLOG up for some recommendations on places to ride on a particular date – set firmly in stone. Unfortunately, there was nowhere close to his Buckinghamshire home open or suitable, so if he didn’t mind a bit of travel, Ady Smith’s Enduro School was suggested.

Officially supported by KTM UK, the former British Enduro and Supermoto champion runs a superb show and amongst the different sites he operates at, his venue near Llangollen in North Wales is probably one of the most stunning places to ride an Enduro bike in the United Kingdom. But a fair mission to get there …

“Can I land a helicopter there?” asks Mark on hearing our suggestion. Erm … sure. On a treasured day off, that will cut out a substantial drive in rental van and there’s nothing around for miles to hit with a chopper. Mark can use one of the school’s EXCs as well. The only downside with this plan is my failure to pluck up the courage and ask for a lift. Fail …

The weather is stunning in North Wales and I arrive before Mark. Then again I started at 5am and I’m regretting that jumbo service station sausage roll (well, a little) on the ride here. Ady proclaims it to be the best day so far of the season and, as we shoot the breeze, the quietness of the valley is soon broken by the sound of air being beat into submission by a helicopter. Quite a big one, at that. (..)

Das ist doch ein guter Warm-Up für das WEC Rennen am kommenden Wochenende!

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