24h Zolder - besser ohne GT3.

Donnerstag, 03. September 2015

24h Zolder - besser ohne GT3.

Was passiert, wenn man die GT3 bei einem Breitensport-Event nicht mehr zulässt?

Dale Lomas:

But last weekend I got to try the chips, mayonnaise and waffles that is the 24 hours of Zolder. Nothing pretentious or posh, just genuinely enjoyable grassroots racing over that iconic timescale. From a lowpoint of just 17 cars entered in 2011, the 24 Hours of Zolder has re-emerged in 2015 as a highpoint of the European calendar. And the secret? “We stopped the GT3s entering, we changed the rules” says the Zolder 24-hour Team Liason Officer, Andy Jaenen. “When I suggested it, people were scared we were going to lose the only reason people were still coming to watch the race. But they were wrong.”

Stellt sich raus nach 50 Autos letztes Jahr mit GT3 waren dieses Jahr ohne GT3 61 Autos am Start.

Zolder24h | Breitensport

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