Speedhunters Artikel über Studie AG.

Montag, 07. September 2015

Speedhunters Artikel über Studie AG.

Studie AG’s Bob Suzuki ist wahrscheinlich Japans größter BMW Fan.

Dino Dalle Carbona / Speedhunters::

The shops that cater to imported cars in Japan impress me. Over the years I’ve always made a point of commenting on how imports – whether American or European – always seem to look so much better in Japan. We all know how the Japanese are masters of getting the best out of cars, and that’s precisely what I’m getting at here. And one name I always mention when asked to give an example is Studie AG.

If you own a BMW in Japan there’s a very good chance that you’ll be taking it to one of the six shops that Studie has throughout the country. And having a Studie sticker on your car gives you instant bragging rights, such is the company’s reputation in BMW enthusiast circles.

An dieser Stelle noch einmal vielen Dank für einen treuer Unterstützer meiner Aktivitäten - schon viele Jahre.

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