Rob Holland testet den neuen Audi TT RS.

Dienstag, 20. September 2016

Rob Holland testet den neuen Audi TT RS.

Und wer k鰊nte das besser, wenn nicht er? Nicht nur wegen seines Schreibstils, sondern weil er auch TTs zum Rennen ausf黨rt, auch auf der Nordschleife.

Und die Kr鰊ung des Autos ist nat黵lich der Motor - feinster Ingolst鋎ter F黱fzylinder:

The one thing that remains from the original engine is the 1𣇾𤃁 ignition firing sequence that gives the five-cylinder powerplant such a unique sound, and makes it abundantly clear that it is not just a V10 cut in half. It is one of the top 10 very best sounding engines in the world, and Audi knows that; they made sure to pipe that sound back into the cabin completely unaltered. (..)

Getting the car to rotate mid corner takes a bit of work, but when you get it right the TT RS抯 quattro system rewards you with the ability to be able to get the power down early with a massive amount of grunt that slingshots you very rapidly to the next corner.

At speed the five-cylinder motor makes all the right sounds, and with the amount of torque available down low, it抯 actually more effective to shift early. It抯 just that the soundtrack is so good you抣l want to run it to the limiter every time just to hear the noise this thing makes.

Ich hatte w鋒rend der Testphase mal einen im Industriepool geh鰎t - G鋘sehaut. Kann es kaum erwarten welche davon im Einsatz zu sehen - bzw. zu h鰎en.

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