Lance Stroll saniert Williams - und genießt F1 Nachhilfe Deluxe.

Dienstag, 20. September 2016

Lance Stroll saniert Williams - und genießt F1 Nachhilfe Deluxe.

Joe Saward:

The best deal in F1 at the moment was highlighted by the Williams Grand Prix Holdings financial returns for the first six months of 2016. These look quite rosy with F1 producing a profit of $5.5 million, which the team explaining that this was due to a ´non-recurring sponsorship payment´ which, so they say, is thanks to a rumoured $20 million payment made by the Stroll Family, in order to prepare Lance Stroll for F1 next year. He now has the points required for a super licence and his 18th birthday is coming up shortly. Between now and the end of the year he will do around 8,000 miles of testing at a string of circuits around the world, driving an unbranded 2014 Williams-Mercedes. The car, which is being set up for Stroll at each circuit by Gary Paffett, was spotted at the Hungaroring last week and this week will be in Austria. The schedule includes tracks all over the world and so one can speculate that he will be seen in action in Austin, Interlagos, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Malaysia and Suzuka. With such a programme and the possibility of even more funding next year, if he races, one can imagine that Williams will name him as one of its drivers for next year, probably alongside Valtteri Bottas.

Da wird nichts dem Zufall überlassen.

Wieso muss ich spontan an Heinrich Hafenloher denken?

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