Die Schattenseiten von Virtual Reality.

Sonntag, 20. November 2016

Die Schattenseiten von Virtual Reality.

Tobias van Schneider berichtet aus dem Selbstversuch:

In the first couple minutes after any VR experience you feel strange, almost like you’re detached from reality. You will interact with physical objects with special care because for some reason you think that you can simply fly through them. Interacting with your smartphone touch screen becomes almost comical because the interface seems so dull and disappointing to you. It’s like your fingers are passing through the touch screen when touching it. (..)

But what stays is a strange feeling of sadness & disappointment when participating in the real world, usually on the same day. The sky seems less colorful and it just feels like I’m missing the “magic” (for the lack of a better word). The intensity of this feeling is usually closely correlated to the length and kind of experience I had in VR, at least for me. (..)

Die Fähigkeiten unseres kleinen Menschengehirns werden ganz schön ausgereizt.

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