Sonntag, 21. Mai 2017

Das neue Roborace Auto war zum ersten Mal - langsam - auf der Strecke.

So it’s clear that the concept still needs work to get up to its full potential, but that’s the point of the racing series. While an autonomous racing series seems sort of boring to many race fans at first glance, the real test will be when teams get to jump in and start writing their own software for the Robocars. Inevitably, the competitive nature of racing will lead to teams taking more risks, finding more opportunities for overtakes, and finding ways around a track or split-second opportunities that human drivers may not ordinarily look for. This race fan, for one, is excited to see how it all turns out.

Wir stehen ganz am Anfang einer Entwicklung und beobachten die ersten zaghaften Schritte - ich find’s spannend!

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