Hacker haben ein neues Angriffsziel: Teslas.

Dienstag, 18. Juli 2017

Hacker haben ein neues Angriffsziel: Teslas.


They have apparently been targeting Tesla vehicles over the past few months in Europe and managed to get away with quite a few of them.

Welche Methode haben sie angewendet?

It was never clear how exactly they were stolen. In each case, the key fobs weren’t stolen and the vehicles not trackable, which means that the thieves either have an unknown sophisticated way to start and drive the car, or they managed to quietly tow it. The leading theory is that they gained access through hacking the key fob or Tesla app of the owner and they quickly removed the Sim card or used a GPS blocker to prevent tracking.

Aber - wie man das auch erwarten würde bei den Computern auf Rädern - wird die Schwachstelle über einen "Software-Fix" gelöst.

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