114 km/h mit einem 50er Roller? Weltrekord!

Dienstag, 05. September 2017

114 km/h mit einem 50er Roller? Weltrekord!


The passionate mastermind behind the “Bologna to Bonneville” project, Engineer Fabio Fazi, rode the Malossi-powered Benelli to the first two records achieved on Sunday, August 27 in the 50cc category. Fazi, who is an FIM Bureaux Technical Commission member and a proud affiliate of the Moto Club Benelli, reached a top speed of 114.823 km/h (71.347 mph) across 1 kilometer and 71.294 mph (114.737 km/h) across 1 mile, both speeds representing an average of two runs in both directions.

Leider habe ich kein Video dazu gefunden, weil das würde ich mir gerne mal ANHÖREN! :D

Also wenn da was auftaucht, bitte melden.

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