Mike Monteiro über Twitter - ein Art Abrechnung, keine Gute.

Donnerstag, 19. Oktober 2017

Mike Monteiro über Twitter - ein Art Abrechnung, keine Gute.

Und weil wir gerade über Blogs und Facebook reden - hier ein aktueller, intensiver und ernüchternder Beitrag über Twitter:

On November 8, 2008 I watched Barack Obama win the presidency of the United States while I was sitting on Twitter’s office couch. I forget who invited me, but I was excited to be there because this felt like the first presidential election that the internet had an active part in. Whatever that meant. It felt like all of the tools the web community had spent the last ten years or more building had actually culminated in this moment. And I sat on that couch crying. I was getting to see this moment as a guest in the place that got all of these voices communicating. And all of those voices helped elect a president. In 2008 I thought Twitter helped elect a president.

I was off by eight years.

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