WTCC ist Geschichte - ab 2018 werden Fronttriebler die neue WTCR Weltmeisterschaft.

Freitag, 08. Dezember 2017

WTCC ist Geschichte - ab 2018 werden Fronttriebler die neue WTCR Weltmeisterschaft.

From next season, the FIA World Touring Car Championship will be renamed the FIA World Touring Car Cup and abbreviated to WTCR. It will run to the TCR technical regulations under a two-year licensing agreement between the FIA, WTCR promoter Eurosport Events Limited (EEL) and WSC, owner of the TCR concept and trademark.

Ob wir die alten WTCC Autos nochmal irgendwo zu sehen bekommen?

he new name, WTCR, has been introduced to reflect the switch from TC1 to the TCR technical regulations. Meanwhile, the change of status from world championship to world cup signals the start of an exciting new era for international touring car racing when it is hoped that more affordable technical regulations will trigger a flurry of competitor interest, while building on the existing fan and media following enjoyed by the WTCC.

Eurosport wird wie bisher auch der Promotor der Serie sein.

Das Rennformat wird sich auch ändern - 3 Rennen pro Wochenende:

Day one: Free Practice 1 (30 minutes); Free Practice 2 (30 minutes); Qualifying (30 minutes), 
Race 1

Day two: 
 Qualifying Q1 (25 minutes)
, Qualifying Q2 (10 minutes)
, Qualifying Q3 (top-five shootout)
; Race 2 (top 10 positions reversed after Q2, Race 3 (grid as per combined order after Q3

Und es wird eine reine Frontantriebs-WM:

The TCR technical regulations cater for front-wheel-drive, four/five-door saloons or hatchbacks using turbocharged production engines with a capacity of between 1750-2000cc and with a maximum power output of 350bhp.


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