Erste Rückmeldungen zur neuen V4 Ducati.

Dienstag, 23. Januar 2018

Erste Rückmeldungen zur neuen V4 Ducati.

Die ersten Testfahrten der neuen V4 Ducati kommen rein - sie hat eine Quer-in-die-Kurven-Reinbrems-Funktion:

The newest edition in Ducati electronics is Slide Control, which helps slide the back tire when backing it in. This is not typically my riding style, but I gave it a go a few times. When ABS is on level 2, you basically just smash the rear brake ahead of initiating a corner. The electronics, run by a six-axis IMU, slow the rear wheel down just enough to cause a controlled slide.


The 2018 Ducati Panigale V4 S is definitely a fun track weapon, but due to comfort, lack of heat, and electronics that add to overall safety, it will make an optimal street bike. It has enough mid-range torque for in-town situations, unlike the 1299 that suffered in slow-speed scenarios. When the need is there, the Panigale V4 will provide endless enjoyment in the canyons as you quickly crank the throttle and rev the upper rpm range.

Das mit dem Komfort überrascht mich jetzt.

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