Martin Winterkorn in USA angeklagt.

Donnerstag, 03. Mai 2018

Martin Winterkorn in USA angeklagt.

Das wird einige Wellen schlagen:

An indictment was unsealed earlier today charging Martin Winterkorn, 70, the former chairman of the management board of Volkswagen AG (VW), with conspiracy and wire fraud in connection with VW’s long-running scheme to cheat U.S. diesel vehicle emissions requirements. (..)

If you try to deceive the United States, then you will pay a heavy price,” said Attorney General Sessions. “The indictment unsealed today alleges that Volkswagen’s scheme to cheat its legal requirements went all the way to the top of the company. These are serious allegations, and we will prosecute this case to the fullest extent of the law." (..)

Für die Ankläger ist die Sache ziemlich klar:

By the summer of 2015, however, the indictment alleges that U.S. regulators threatened to withhold authorization for VW to sell Model Year 2016 diesel vehicles in the United States until VW answered their questions about the discrepancies uncovered by the ICCT study. The diesel situation in the United States became increasingly alarming to VW senior management, culminating in a meeting on July 27, 2015 at VW’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, internally referred to as the “damage table meeting.” During that meeting, which was chaired by Winterkorn and attended by several senior VW executives, engine development department employees, with the help of a PowerPoint presentation, described to the attendees, and Winterkorn specifically: (1) how VW was deceiving U.S. regulators, including precisely what information had been disclosed and what had not yet been disclosed; and (2) the potential consequences of VW being caught cheating.

The indictment alleges that upon being presented with those and other facts, Winterkorn did not order his subordinates to disclose the cheating but instead agreed to continue to deceive U.S. authorities. Part of that strategy, which Winterkorn allegedly approved at the July 27, 2015 meeting, and which informed VW’s steps over the next several weeks, included sending Oliver Schmidt to meet with a senior CARB official on Aug. 5, 2015, in order to obtain the release of the Model Year 2016 vehicles without revealing the fundamental reason for the higher NOx measurements on the road: that software had been intentionally installed in VW vehicles so the vehicles could detect and evade emissions testing. Consistent with Winterkorn’s alleged directive from the July 27 meeting, VW executives also approved a script for an Aug. 19, 2015 meeting with CARB that continued to conceal VW’s cheating. At the meeting, however, in direct contravention of the instructions from his superiors, a VW employee, in answering a direct question from CARB, revealed that VW had been using software in its 2.0 liter diesel vehicles to cheat U.S. emissions tests. On Sept. 3, 2015, VW officially admitted that it had installed defeat devices in various 2.0 liter diesel vehicles sold in the United States.

Ob die USA jetzt einen Auslieferungsantrag stellen? Oder wird Winterkorn hier in Deutschland verhaftet? So war das jedenfalls im Juli bei Giovanni Pamio: in USA angeklagt, daher erstmal in Deutschland verhaftet.

Aber ich glaube solange der Herr Winterkorn sich in Wolfsburg aufhält und die Staatsanwaltschaft Braunschweig zuständig ist, braucht er sich keine Sorgen zu machen.

Und im Gegensatz zu dem inhaftierten Oliver Schmidt, der ja gekündigt wurde und seine Ansprüche zur Altersversorgung verloren hat, bekommt Martin Winterkorn seine täglichen 3.000 € Rente.

Ausgerechnet heute war Aktionärsversammlung bei VW - aber der Press Release aus Amerika kam zwar auch heute, aber erst nachdem die Veranstaltung längst vorbei war. Da haben die VW'ler mächtig Glück gehabt.

Hier ist die komplette Anklageschrift.

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