N24h bei WTF1.

Dienstag, 15. Mai 2018

N24h bei WTF1.

Da muss schon einiges passieren, damit das 24h-Rennen bei WTF1 Erwähnung findet. Zum Beispiel das hier:

Maxi Götz was barreling out of the pits when his left-rear wheel shot off, leaving the car dragging a trail of sparks before spinning at the first corner. But instead of leaving it to the recovery crews to get the car back to the pits for repairs, a couple of ‘brave’ mechanics made the bold decision to run out of the pits and down and across the live race track to try and reattach the wheel, all whilst wearing nice shiny, highly-visible black overalls.

Ergebnis: Rad wieder dran, Maxi zurück im Rennen, 2.000€ Strafe.

Sind am Ende noch 17. geworden.

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