The Future of Racing - Workshop in Goodwood von Roborace.

Montag, 09. Juli 2018

The Future of Racing - Workshop in Goodwood von Roborace.

Roborace wird beim Festival of Speed in Goodwood das erste Mal eine Rennstrecke autonom in Angriff nehmen und Rod Chong - den ich ja kürzlich erst in Berlin zum Stickertausch getroffen hatte:

Mike Frison /

... hat einen Workshop angekündigt:

The Future of Racing.

Ein Thema, das ich hier regelmäßig anschneide, denn meiner Meinung nach wird kein Stein auf dem anderen bleiben.

Dieses Jahr bin ich nicht in Goodwood, daher hatte ich mir erlaubt ihm in Linkedin direkt zu antworten. Und zwar so:

Great subject Rod and one I’m investigating closely. I would love to be around, but as I’m unfortunately not I hope you don’t mind I share my thoughts just here.

I think by now we can all agree that in the future our mobility will be electric, shared and autonomous (“modules” for short). The timeframe can lead into wild discussions, but I’m with Tony Seba and around 2030 the transition will be all over.

Motorsport has historically been driven by competition and the desire to win (to be the fastest). It has been (and still is) heavily funded by OEMs, who not only compete directly, but have also found a huge playground within current GTs. What started as a business case for cup cars (Renault, Porsche) has now an open door for many more OEMs to sell their GT3s worldwide.

In contrast public traffic of the future will not be against other participants, but closely networked and aligned with them. The smoother, the better.

In the future Motorsport can’t sell any viable marketing message anymore.

Also brands in general as we know them will fade, while user experience (of the mobility service) and competing eco systems will take over.

Even rich people will have trouble to licence a human driven vehicle on public roads (statistically much higher accident rates vs defensive driven modules with 360° view).

Motorsport will still be happening, but less funded (without OEM support). As a consequence racetrack venues will face financial challenges (high fixed costs, but less funding without OEMs plus less utilisation).

On the other side electric power will enable a complete new range of sports utilities (skate boards, light weight but powerful bikes (10kW / 50 kg), … and many more, which we have not seen yet. The much easier to install electric power will enable amazing future sports tools - for much lower prices. They are slowly appearing as we speak.

Racing sport will become much more accessible and emission-free - therefore moving closer to or directly into cities. We lose - but we also gain. The spectators of today are the participants of tomorrow.

Great times ahead - difficult to digest for the established OEMs though.

I’m looking forward to comments and the outcome of your conference! :)

Um es hier auch zur Diskussion zu stellen. Bin gespannt, ob die Konferenz Früchte trägt.

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