Alex Zanardi Update.

Donnerstag, 09. Juli 2020

Alex Zanardi Update.

Ist immer noch im künstlichen Koma und jetzt schon die 3. OP hinter sich.

Diesmal zur Gesichtsrekonstruktion:

The local hospital issued a press release saying his surgery took 5 hours and that it was successful. “The patient has undergone a new surgery aimed at cranial-facial reconstruction and stabilization of the areas affected by the trauma. The fractures were complex,” said Professor Paolo Gennaro, director of the Siena university hospital’s maxillofacial surgery unit, in a statement.

“This required careful programming that made use of computerized, digital and three-dimensional technologies, made to measure of the patient. The complexity of the case was rather singular, even if it is a type of fracture that we routinely face in our center,” he added.

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