Sabine Photo - The Story behind the Picture.

Montag, 15. November 2010

Sabine Photo - The Story behind the Picture.

(English) When you shoot lots of pictures and publish them on the internet, you somehow get used to the fact that your work sooner or later spreads around. And looses your photo credits along the way. It´s hard to accept, but what can you do. The internet is just too big.

Sometimes I do pick it up - as last week, when I came across this article on Jalopnik:

The email address of the author - Matt - was a nice and easy find, so I dropped him a line mentioning the use of my picture. I was somewhat surprised to hear that this is probably the most famous Sabine picture around.

What you can´t see, the picture was shot on Saturday evening before the German F1 Grand Prix in 2005. They had taxi drives for lucky visitors and driving taxi is a business Sabine knows well. I´ve been lucky too, because I got the chance to do pictures during the Grand Prix as well.

Just to proof the point, here is another Sabine one:

Matt and I exchanged some emails talking about Nurburgring, as he wasn´t aware of the recent developments. He invited me to put an article together, which they published not only in English but also in Portuguese for their Brasil website. I like that a lot, because the things happening with Nurburgring do deserve a larger audience.

Sometimes it turns out to be good, when I find my picture on another site.

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