Remember Marcel Tiemann?

Montag, 17. Januar 2011

Remember Marcel Tiemann?

You probably know Marcel, if not you know at least his car:

Marcel scored no less than 5 overall victories of the 24 Hours race: 2003 (DTM Opel Astra) and 2006-2009 (Porsche, Manthey Racing).

This year Marcel made a huge impression in the Nordschleife season and has been rewarded by our N forum with the ´Driver of the Year´ title.

However he also added some GT Racing. In Imola he had this unfortunate and massive crash in the Phoenix Audi R8.

Today he sends out a big Thank You! via video message for the Driver award. Even though this is in German, you can see he is recovering, but still some way to go. Biggest problem being that Marcel hasn´t regained vision on his right eye. Currently he can´t drive from A to B, let alone racing. But he is fighting hard and receives many nice messages from around the world.

You can connect with Marcel via his homepage, Twitter or Facebook!

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