The public Q+A session with NAG management.

Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

The public Q+A session with NAG management.

The new private owners at Nurburgring did invite the public last Thursday for a questions session. The whole thing was a bit messy - short notice, mid-week, unclear target audience and scope - but still got underway and has been shown on the internet too. The video download is not available as yet.

In the meantime Dale has made the effort to summiarize the outcome from what he could take out of this.

Thanks to AUSringers for picking it up - as well as the STR logo being in public domain space.

I wouldn't go as far as stating:

"One thing is certain, the Save the Ring movement is winning the public relations battle. The STR Facebook page is approaching 50,000 supporters. While the STR petition, launched on New Year’s Day, has attracted in excess of 17,500 electronic signatures."

but: we have been able to respond to the big communication machinery of NAG and more people are aware of the controversy than before. It's an invitation for everybody to make up their minds and compared to the one-way communication of the past, the talks now started by NAG allow a much more balanced decision than before.

Still there are so many hard facts missing and I don't expect them materialising before the election March 27th: the Nürburgring GmbH balance sheet for 2009, the results of the investigation against Kai Richter, the judgement of the European Commission regarding the monopoly and the missing call for tenders - to name but a view.

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