Sonntag, 25. November 2018

Larry Holt und Raj Nair über die Ford GT Entstehungsgeschichte.

Dieses 10 minütige Interview hatte ich noch nicht hochgeladen - stammt vom 24h-Rennen 2017 in Le Mans.

Das war so: ich bin im Fahrerlager in die Ford Hospitality, hauptsächlich um ein paar Aufnahmen von den Fahrern und sonstigen Leuten zu machen. Da saßen dann Raj Nair und Larry Holt relativ entspannt beim Kaffee und ich habe mich einfach mal frech dazugesellt - ich wußte ja, dass sie sich den Ford GT und das Le Mans Projekt ausgedacht hatten.

Das Gespräch entwickelte sich dann ganz schnell ganz interessant und da ich mein Aufnahmegerät für alle Fälle dabei hatte, durfte ich es auf den Tisch stellen:


Interview ist auch der falsche Begriff, weil die beiden haben sich die Bälle schön zugespielt - ich war quasi überflüssig.

Larry Bold und Raj Nair über die Ford GT Entstehungsgeschichte.

Interessante Hintergründe - z.B. dass man zuerst mit einem Mustang geplant hatte, aber aus Kostengründen der GT in kleiner Stückzahl die bessere Variante war. Und dass der Ford ca. 20 PS weniger als Ferrari und ca. 50 PS weniger als Aston Martin zu Verfügung hat(te) - wie gesagt, das war letztes Jahr.

Damals war ich ja zu Besuch vor Ort - hier auch mein dazugehöriger Bericht. In der Zwischenzeit ist Raj Nair übrigens nicht mehr bei Ford - am Ford GT kann es nicht gelegen haben, denn heute ist er COO von Multimatic. Da schließt sich der Kreis.

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Dienstag, 19. Juli 2016

Hoher WEC-Besuch bei Ford Köln.

Wie könnte man das kommende 6h-Rennen am Nürburgring besser einläuten, als mit einem Besuch des Ford-Werksteams im Ford-Werk in Niehl? Am besten direkt unter meinem Bürofenster?

Schwer zu glauben, aber genau das ist heute passiert. Ich hab in meinen über 20 Fordjahren ja schon viel erlebt, aber dass mich ein Le Mans Sieger besuchen kommt, das war definitiv heute das erste Mal: Dirk Müller hat es sich nämlich nicht nehmen lassen vorbeizuschauen, obwohl er am kommenden Wochenende wieder bei der IMSA im Einsatz ist.

Normalerweise ist Fotografieren auf dem Werksgelände verboten, aber heute gab es mal eine Ausnahme. Das lässt sich ein Mike natürlich nicht 2x sagen!

Stefan Mücke dagegen hat es nicht so weit, denn er fährt am Wochenende am Ring und die beiden Einsatzautos ebenso. Nachdem einer von den beiden ausgeladen wurde, um für die Ford-Mitarbeiter einen Boxenstopp vorzuführen.

Das ist auch ziemlich erklärungsbedürftig, denn es darf z.B. immer nur ein Schlagschrauber über der Boxenlinie sein, der Motor muss beim Tanken aus sein, während des Tankens darf sonst nichts gemacht werden, usw.

Obwohl es sein WEC Einsatzauto für das kommende Wochenende ist, hat Stefan es ganz gut krachen lassen:

Dann mussten sie wieder einpacken und sind Richtung Ring gefahren - aber in der A-Halle steht im Eingang noch das Showcar - macht auch eine gute Figur:

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Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2016

360° Onboard Video: Ford GT No.68 in Le Mans

Nach Spa gibt es jetzt auch aus Le Mans ein 360° Video.

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Samstag, 25. Juni 2016

Le Mans 24 Hours - Mike´s Report.

Here I am - back from Le Mans and I really needed a couple of extra days to let the event sink in. So many impressions, even though I only have been there for 2,5 days.

There are two major differences to my usual reports:

  • it’s in English only this time and
  • you can click on all pictures to enlarge them.

This was only my 3rd Le Mans visit after the bicycle trip 2012 and 2013, when I have been granted asylum at the Audi Sport Camp. As often the original plan was completely different: I handed in 1 week vacation and wanted to drive over for Sunday to Thursday. Then back home to enjoy the complex action on a multi-screen setup.

Then this happened: PR of Ford of Germany - the Director Ralph Caba to be precise - got in contact and asked if I want to join their trip from Friday to Monday. Wait - WHAT?

Let me offer some background to put this into perspective: I work for Ford since many years - I joined the organisation after my MSc in 1993 and had to move from London to Cologne. Where I stayed ever since - Ford is my first and only employer. It’s a great company and I work for Dealer IT Strategies for Europe, which I enjoy a lot.

On the other side I work in the Motorsport area in one way or another since even longer. I run my own little business, which is nice because it’s so different to the big corporation. And it contributes to feed the family too.

There was never a link between the two and I made efforts to keep it that way. Work is work and private is private. I would have loved to cover more Ford content in the past, but there wasn’t much happening from Ford in the sport I love so much.

In January 2015 it changed big time when the Ford GT got introduced. Back then it was only a supercar, no mentioning of Le Mans even though everybody hoped it will take part. When Raj Nair came to Cologne one month later for the Focus RS introduction I asked him about Le Mans, but he kept the answer open. At last year’s Le Mans there suddenly appeared a Ford hospitality and then in June at the Le Mans 24 it became official: Ford will race in Le Mans.

Suddenly it was all dreams come true for me and I first met the GT at Spa 6h.

Being a Ford guy I got super-excited, my desktop at work changed to GT in no time ever since it got introduced. I had no connection to Ford Performance though, they are based in US and subject-wise pretty far from Dealer IT too.

And then - out of nowhere - came this call asking if I want to join their flight to France. As you can imagine I made my decision faster than Williams makes a pit stop!

Originally I would have taken my Transit, bike in the back and all equipment properly sorted to deal with anything, which might come up. But flying is a different story - also you have no van on site to quickly alter the equipment.

I had a long thought about how to be able to do my usual photographing and blogging. With the great experiences I had with the 100D both in Spa als well as during the Nürburgring 24 Hours I decided to stick with that: lightweight and flexible beats heavy and bulky.

Ein von renn.tv (@renntv) gepostetes Foto am

This is the kit, which made it into my bag and I carried these items with me all the time:

Proved out to be the right decision, with a schedule packed like this you need to be able to use spare time to get productive. I got myself a larger WLAN SD card just in time. That way the best pictures from the 100D could go straight into my Instagram feed.

I’ve never joined a race based on an invitation and I was really looking forward to what might happen. My journey started at Brühl train station, which has a direct connection to Düsseldorf airport from where we got on a flight to Paris. Once there it took a while to find our shuttle, but eventually this nice Ford Edge turned up:

… and we had a long, but smooth ride through Paris traffic:

In Le Mans I was really impressed by the location of the Ford hospitality. Look at this picture I uploaded to Facebook. Did you know that a smartphone panorama picture is automatically converted by Facebook into the new 360° experience? Give it a try - great feature!

When I looked to the right I got instantly reminded that this will be the first Le Mans without Gustav Büsing. These are the containers, where all the commentators live:

It made me sad - Le Mans will never be the same without him.

Porsche has a permanent base these days, which clearly does come in handy during race weekend:

There was still some final preparation in progress and this picture is another demo of the great tiny 100D: 250mm in 1/60s free hand - shot from pretty far from the other side of the race track:

Little camera keeps impressing me.

Funny to see spectators around, even though there is no track action on Friday:

I would rather do it like these guys and try to sneak into the pits:

Somebody you know maybe?

The small airport is located directly next to the track and there was a constant stream of private jets coming in:

For us it was time to check in into the hotel - which pretty much blew my mind:

Quite a contrast to my usual Transit flat! It was really nice and also silent, but as you can imagine there was no time to enjoy this. We had not a single breakfast there. However it was really nice to the eye. I wonder how long it takes to mow the lawn.

There was a barbecue in the evening and some drivers came along for a chat:

Including Andy Priaulx, who I will always remember for his first appearance at the Nordschleife. Not only because he did it with the beautiful Ja zum Nürburgring Design, but also because he was the first one I remember, who came to the Ring and was directly up-to-speed. It’s pretty normal these days, but it was different back then. He went on to win the Nürburgring 24h that year with Dirk Müller coming in in second - on the mighty BMW GTR, for which I produced that well-know DVD movie.

Andy confirmed he prepared well for that race - to make a difference these days you have to become even more professional.

Billy Johnson - here on the right - played a major part in the development of the GT and it’s GTE version:

Next to him is Dave Pericak - head of Ford Performance - with Mark Truby on the left - VP for Ford of Europe PR.

Sébastien Bourdais came around too, he is actually born in Le Mans:

Did I mention that the hotel was rather nice?

After some sleep it was already race day and we decided to leave early to try to avoid some traffic:

Back at the track Mark Fields was already there and was looking forward to the race:

He is Ford’s CEO since July 2014, when Alan Mulally left the company. I never met him in person, so this was a bit special. He is more or less the boss of 200.000 people - including myself - so I thought I better behave for a change!

It was time for free practice and for us it was the first time to see the cars in action:

GT obviously got a lot of attention:

This is Roelant de Waard:

Europe’s VP for Sales and Marketing. He too is a proper petrol head and seeing him standing there and watching the GTs on track was a real special moment. A kid on Christmas couldn’t be happier and for me it felt really good that we have racers up there in senior management positions.

Track action was nice and the cars came pretty close to the viewing point when they were about to enter the pits:

Next on the agenda was something I was looking forward to: a lap on the race track with a couple of Mustangs. I read about these hot laps before on the agenda and all of us got registered. But again it went completely different: Wolfgang Kopplin - on the right - joined the company in a similar time period as myself and we actually used to work together back then. He went on a steep career path and by now is MD of Ford of Germany. He wanted to know if there is something he shouldn’t miss and clearly these hot laps were my recommendation - can’t get much better right before the start. Only that no places were left anymore and there went my plan: I offered my seat. I actually enjoyed doing that because the more racing finds it’s way into our organisation, the better.

It’s Wolfgang on the right and Matthias Mederer on the left. Matthias works as photographer for RAMP - can’t wait to see his pictures. He was part of our group of 5 from Germany and even though I didn’t hear of RAMP before, it got my attention now.

My change of plans meant that I pulled the garage tour ahead, which was originally planned for the evening:

Even though no pictures were allowed in the pits, this one was fine:

Once in the paddock I had a look around, plenty of known faces like Benoît Tréluyer:

… or Jörg Bergmeister:

If TV viewers could see how it looks on the other side:

The support race was GT3 with LMP3:

The LMP3 were at 3:55, which is GTE level - while the GT3s were at 4:02,7 on this snapshot.

The Rebellion hospitality was rather classy and they had matching beats for this setup:

It was good to catch up with Pierre Kaffer:

Further down the road was another Ford hospitality, which was more geared towards drivers and team. For example Harry Tincknell:

Inside Raj Nair was present:

… as well as Chip Ganassi:

Allan McNish came by too:

By now it was 13:20 and the grandstand packed already:

Grid walk was about to start and I was lucky to sneak in, that’s the trophy they’re all chasing:

I love the way ACO is celebrating the grid walk, people get a chance to experience the atmosphere:

And the team members, who are enjoying the build-up too:

Even kids!

Some took extra risks for that special picture:

While the cars were hidden in the crowd. Yes, that’s a Porsche LMP1 hidden there somewhere:

Rather difficult to make pictures of these cars, one is mostly shooting pictures of people shooting pictures:

Jacky Ickx has been around too - supporting Porsche:

I have to admit I didn’t mind that HJS didn’t cross my way at all during the weekend, as I expected him being super-present all time.

Long arms came in handy:

Loïc Duval was around - I find him very photogenic:

Remember that shot I did back in 2013? It’s one of my all-time favorites - especially as he went on to win the race:

Needless to say that the Audi looked much nicer back then.

It was time to say good-bye to the front row and by moving down the grid it became less busy:

Much nicer.

Especially as I met Mackie Messer - always nice chatting together:

When I finally reached the GT grid it was time to meet Dirk Müller, but also Henry Ford III, who looks after the Marketing side of Ford Performance:

I’m sure we will hear more of Henry Ford in the future!

Since I arrived I was in the hunt for symbolic Ford vs Ferrari pictures and this out turned out nicely: Dirk talking to Sam Bird and Toni Vilander. Toni was part of the no. 82 car, which kept close contact to Dirk´s winning no. 68 Ford until the end:

That’s Sam’s car next to the Ford GTs:

Yes, I’m biased, but the beauty of the Ford is incredible. Even more so as it is a form-follows-function car - just stunning from every angle:

The GT has seen Le Mans the first time 2 weeks prior the race on test day and there wasn’t much data available for them. Other compete since many years and they know what to expect, but this racer needed to learn a lot. I might be wrong, but to me this looks more like trial-and-error than science. Nothing wrong with that, but also illustrates the steep learning curve:

Time for Mackie to join the party:

I continued with my photo hunt and I like that one a lot:

For the team members grid walk can be boring, as it takes so long - on the other side tension is high - this is just 1h before race start!

Which meant everybody but team members had to leave the grid for that classic Le Mans setup:

On my way back to the hospitality I went shopping first:

Daddy can’t come home with empty hands! I really like the 24h logo - it’s such a clever and beautiful layout - and timeless too. And our little girl enjoys it too!

Back home it started to rain - just in time for race start - and umbrellas went up everywhere:

The rain became that strong that the race director decided to start behind the safety car. At Ford people were looking forward to the race - no matter what!

The installation laps became a pretty wet affair, but later the race as such remained dry:

I was a bit surprised to see the marshals without any weather protection, at Nordschleife they a least are allowed to install some kind of roof between the fences:

I did have the luxury of a roof, which was nice and allowed me to concentrate on shooting nice pictures - like this one:

I always miss the Air France parade 5 minutes before the start and this year was no exception:

When you hear them it’s already too late!

The rain was no surprise, as it was forecasted and people came prepared:

All grandstands were packed! What a massive crowd:

It took a while before the race got started properly, but then even the sun came out. The no. 68 car was the one to look out for - here it is already in the lead in the early stages of the race:

After 2 hours it was dry throughout and time for a pit stop:

While we got a chance to visit Michelin:

As a French company Le Mans for them is really important and they supply tires to 33 teams. So how many tires would that be? As it turns out: 6.000! That’s a lot.

We have been fortunate to meet Jérôme Mondain (left) - the Endurance Racing Program Manager - many thanks to Michelin’s Michael Küster (right) for organising this:

I kept asking questions - here is my take out:

  • Tires need to stay 1 hour at 80°C before they can go onto the race car.
  • Pressure is 1,2 bar cold and 1,8 bar hot.
  • In GT they usually drive 3 stints and in 4 in LMP 1. Not because the tire wouldn’t allow more, but everything longer might destroy their strategy due to the maximum allowed driving times of the drivers.
  • The GT3 tires they use elsewhere are the same as the GTE tires they use here.
  • Even though the works teams develop their own tire, they can only choose from a set of options. Michelin does not keep that secret, but instead would allow the competition to test the choice of the others too. However hardly a team makes use of that.

While I did that I noticed some bloke gaining attention:

… which turned out to be Keanu Reeves - Selfie time!

I’ve never heard about Arch Motorcycle Company though - it is actually his own! How cool is that.

But wait, it gets even better:

Co-founder Keanu Reeves has logged tens of thousands of miles on all manner of motorcycles, all over the world. (..) In fact, he’s only ever owned a couple of autos – a vintage Volvo and a contemporary Porsche.

They certainly got a new follower on Instagram now!

Back in the paddock we first went to the team hospitality:

… and to the lounge above the Ford pits afterwards:

You could see pit stops from above - see the GT on the monitor at the time everybody is trying to catch some action.

Back in the paddock I came across more known faces - like Dave Richards:

… or Fritz Enzinger:

Porsche had their engine on display - really nice:

By now it became dark and beauties like this looked even nicer than during the day:

How about a Lego GT40?

They even had a Carrerabahn in the hospitality and the level of detail was amazing:

I used the time for some night action shots:

… and it was good to see that Mark Fields was still around:

We even had a little chat and it was nice to see that he really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Conditions obviously became difficult for pictures, but the little Canon still managed to deliver:

This one was funny, the flash from the grandstand came synchronised with my shot:

I love pictures of people shooting pictures:

We then went back for some sleep and it was another early day in the morning to avoid traffic. I did however see a right hand drive Mustang for the first time - would love to try that:

Back in the paddock I had the best coffee since some time:

I enjoyed shooting - this Ferrari at 1/15s - and followed the race via Radio Le Mans:

It looked good for Ford - but also for Toyota, which I liked a lot.

The second place Ferrari had a problem with the position signal light - but besides that I like the fact that it’s going through the Ford curves on this picture:

After lunch:

… we had the chance to visit Hunaudières:

… which was pretty exciting. Usually you can’t get there as a spectator, but Ford installed a pretty nice visitor point:

Thanks to Radio Le Mans I’ve been in the known throughout and kept my fingers crossed for the no. 68, but also for the no. 5 Toyota:

When we came back I headed back to the paddock - however I was a bit undecided on where to watch. The lounge above the pits was packed:

It was already 15:40 - funny enough it’s 15:40 now too while I write this! - and the grandstand was packed as well:

So I tried to sneak into a pit - preferably the Ford one. Not easy, but I managed (thanks John!).

And what an experience that was! Tension was really high - especially when the Toyota no. 5 broke down right at the finish line - 5 mins before the race ended. That’s Dave Pericak, Raj Nair, Henry Ford and Mark Fields standing in front of the monitors:

That all burst into joy, when the no. 68 crossed the line:

… and needless to say it was very special for me too!

I even got soaked in Champagne, which was an unforgettable moment:

These pictures don’t need any explanation:

However, it was really sad to see the tough luck that hit Toyota, while at the ceremony everything was ready to go:

That’s the moment when everything is flooded with people - and I have been part of it:

Clearly Porsche guys were happy:

… but what I loved most was the way Porsche handled the tragic events after the race.

The no. 5 Toyota, which had a clear advantage and was ready to take the win, didn’t even classify, because it exceeded the maximum time of 6 minutes for the last lap. From the biggest success in Toyota’s history to nothing - within 5 minutes.

While these guys started National Selfie Day:

… I thought it’s time for me too:

I waited for the GT podium and it was nice to see Mark Fields with his son as part of the crowd too:

I’ve never seen equipment like that before:

When I tried to upload something it mostly failed due to the network overload. Lucky us that we had WLAN in the hospitality!

Then they came and it was good to see Dirk up there - now with a Le Mans class win under his belt:

And because Risi Competizione is US based as well, it was an all American affair:

Here they are again: Toni Vilander and Dirk Müller - remember the picture from the grid?

One proud Mr Ford:

… correction: 2 proud Mr Ford!

… and Sébastien Bourdais knew what to do:

Funny that, because the Champagne shower got invented exactly 50 years ago - when the Ford GT first won Le Mans!

It was great to see Sébastien Bourdais up there - the man born in Le Mans:

Only after reading this you realise what a tough job this has been.

The biggest applause however came for this man: Fred Sausset managed to finish Le Mans despite having no legs or arms:

Such a remarkable achievement!

Nothing is safe when the fans assist the teams in getting ready for the journey back home:

And over it was, the race went in no time and it took me a while to sort through all of the impressions I had in such a concentrated form!

Ford’s performance has been a discussion point during and after the event. Clearly I’m biased - who wouldn’t after 22 years of service. Graham Goodwin just published this piece yesterday, which is an interesting read.

Bottom line I’m proud that I was able to witness the race in such intensity and very much look forward to the things to come.

If you made it to here: thank you for reading and I’m always interested to hear your feedback via social or email!

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Samstag, 21. Mai 2016

Ford GT in Spa: Krasser Fortschritt bei Onboard-Videos.

Ich habe ja schon viel gesehen - bzw. selber produziert. Aber das hier konnte ich erstmal garnicht glauben: wenn Ihr Euch dieses Video auf dem Tablet oder Smartphone anschaut, dann verändert sich die Perspektive, je nachdem wie man das Gerät hält. Hammereffekt - man hat volle Kontrolle über das Bild und noch mehr das Gefühl, direkt mitzufahren:


So wie ich das verstehe, muss das in der Facebook-App ablaufen, damit es funktioniert.

Hier habe ich es mal in einem Video demonstriert:

Wenn ich dran denke, wie ich vor 10 Jahren den Alzen-Film aufgenommen habe - das war vor Youtube und GoPro. Der Digitaltacho ist einzeln aus Daten zusammengesetzt, die der Jürgen mir damals als Datadump auf dem Datarecording gegeben hat.

Und heute sowas. Wahnsinn.

Ob es das irgendwann auch mal LIVE geben wird? Wobei, die Frage ist wahrscheinlich nicht ob, sondern wann!

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Freitag, 05. Februar 2016

Le Mans Starterliste 2016 mit 60 Fahrzeugen.

Heute hat der ACO bei einer Pressekonferenz die 2016er Starterliste veröffentlicht. Statt 56 gehen dieses Jahr 60 Teilnehmer an den Start: 9 LMP1 (davon je 2 Audi, Porsche, und Toyota), 22 LMP2 und 28 GT (je 14 AM und 14 PRO).

Ford tritt mit insgesamt 4 GT in der PRO Kategorie an, also nicht nur die beiden WEC Fahrzeuge, sondern zusätzlich auch die beiden aus der IMSA Serie.

Und Toyota hat kürzlich sein 2016er Auto vorgestellt - gefällt mir sehr gut!


Der Toyota auf dem Bild ist noch der TS040 - das Nachfolgemodell TS050 wird erst bei den Tests in Paul Ricard vorgestellt. (Danke!)

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Dienstag, 12. Januar 2016

Ford GT rennt in Daytona.

Endlich ist es soweit, der Ford GT hatte seinen ersten ernsthaften Auftritt. Ende des Monats ist in Daytona 24 Stunden Rennen und das Roar Before sind die Testtage, um den Winterschlaf aus dem Carbon zu schütteln.

Insgesamt 4 GT gehen an den Start:

  • 2 in der IMSA mit Richard Westbrook, Dirk Müller, Joey Hand und Ryan Briscoe
  • und 2 in der WEC mit Marino Franchitti, Stefan Mücke, Olivier Pla und Andy Priaulx.

Das ist doch mal ’ne Ansage!


Mehr Videos unter youtube.com/user/FordRacingTV/videos.

Bei dailysportscar gibt es einen Überblick über die GTLM Klasse und Roman Wittemeier hat den Daytona Test auch zusammengefasst. Und wem das nicht reicht, der bekommt die volle Dröhnung bei John Dagys.

Ist schon lustig den Deltawing zusammen mit dem Frikadelliporsche in einer Galerie zu sehen :D

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Mittwoch, 18. November 2015

Übrig Ns vom Mittwoch.

Marcel Fässler und Mike Rockenfeller fahren für GM Corvette die Langstreckenrennen in Daytona (24h) und Sebring (12h). Allerdings keine Info darüber, inwiefern - und ob überhaupt - ihr Engagement bei Audi betroffen ist.

Die VLN hat die 2016er Termine veröffentlicht und nennt sich in dem Zusammenhang immer noch Breitensportserie.

Unter anderem wird Dirk Müller als neuer Ford GT Fahrer gerüchtelt.

In Wales wird eine neue Rennstrecke inklusive Drumherum gebaut. Veranschlagte Kosten: 315 Millionen Pfund. Hoffentlich haben die ihre Hausaufgaben gemacht, denn das Projekt wird teilweise über die Regierung finanziert. Kommt uns doch bekannt vor. Ist das jetzt Legal State Aid im Vergleich zum Ring?

Die neuen Porsche Junioren stehen fest: Dennis Olsen, Mathieu Jaminet, Matteo Cairoli und Sven Müller. Sind sind 19 bis 23 Jahre jung - und man wird die Namen sicher noch öfter hören! Erstmal gehen sie im Carrera und Supercup an den Start.

Zeretzke, Zeretzke … da war doch was? Oder klingelt’s bei La Tene Capital? Als die Insolvenzverkäufer am Ring sich - mal wieder! - komplett lächerlich gemacht haben? In Bayern ist man nicht so dämlich wie am Ring, da ist der Hochstapler schnell aufgeflogen. Siehe auch hier.

Wige hat sich über Bande bei motorsport-total.com eingekauft.

Kennt Ihr noch Darda?!

Man verliert ja in letzter Zeit gerne mal den Glauben an die Jugend - aber dann kommen Meldungen wie diese hier und es wird einem klar: es gibt noch Hoffnung!

Der Lausitzring angelt sich für die nächsten 3 Jahre die Superbike WM.

Von manchen Formel 1 Schwachsinnsregeln erfährt man erst, wenn jemand bestraft wird.

Beim Eifel Rallye Festival nächstes Jahr versuchen die Organisatoren die Gruppe S antreten zu lassen. Das wäre ein Coup! Diese Autos haben quasi nie das Licht der Öffentlichkeit gesehen - nachdem der Vorgänger - die Gruppe B - verboten wurde.

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Freitag, 02. Oktober 2015

VIDEO: Ford GT im Attackemodus.

In diesem kurzen Film zeigt Ford den GT während der Entwicklung und den Tests - und man prügelt ihn schon ordentlich über die Strecke. Da bekommt man einen guten Eindruck, wie das mal aussehen wird, wenn es nächstes Jahr ernst wird.

Einblicke vom Prüfstand bekommt man auch - ziemlich kompromisloses Auto:

Und hier die Bewegtbilder:


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Freitag, 12. Juni 2015

FOTOS: Ford GT Le Mans.

Das sind die 24 offiziellen Fotos, die als High-Res veröffentlicht wurden. Habe sie hier hochgeladen.

FordGT | LM24 | LeMans | FordLeMans |

Ford returns to Le Mans.

Auf diese Nachricht habe ich sehnsüchtig gewartet, seid der GT vorgestellt wurde.

Den Offiziellen war nichts zu entlocken - aber die Anzeichen haben sich in den letzten Wochen verdichtet.

Jetzt ganz offiziell - 24h Le Mans 2016 mit 2 Ford GT in der GTE PRO Klasse:

All-new Ford factory program to compete in both the FIA World Endurance Championship and TUDOR United SportsCar Championship with a two-team, four-car effort – operated by Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates.

Hier schon mal eine Video-Einstimmung - in Kriegsbemalung sieht der Wagen tatsächlich nochmal besser aus:


Raj Nair - den ihr ja schon von der Focus RS Vorstellung kennt - meint:

As we developed the Ford GT, from the outset we wanted to ensure we had a car that has what it takes to return Ford to the world of GT racing.

Also von Anfang an als Rennwagen konzipiert - richtig so! :D

So werde ich dieses Jahr das Rennen noch einmal zuhause verfolgen - siehe Le Mans Essential Links - um dann nächstes Jahr hoffentlich vor Ort zu sein.

Übrigens: ist schon Nfiziert! Also fast ;)

(Disclaimer: im normalen Leben arbeite ich bei Ford - siehe Über mich.)

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Sonntag, 31. Mai 2015

Was macht denn die Ford Hospitality in Le Mans?

Bahnt sich da die Bekanntgabe eines GTE Einsatzes für nächstes Jahr an?

John Dagys (mit Bild des Aufbaus):

A Ford Performance hospitality unit and stage is being constructed trackside with all indications pointing towards an unveil of its GTE-spec Ford GT car during race week at this year’s French endurance classic.

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Freitag, 22. Mai 2015

Jürgen Alzen setzt sich bei Tempolimit nicht in´s Auto.

Immer wieder erfrischend zu lesen, wie deutlich jemand sein kann, der noch nicht aalglatt angepasst durch’s Leben gleitet.

Auf seiner Homepage:

Leider, so glaube ich jedenfalls, werden auch die nächsten Rennen der VLN mit der albernen Geschwindigkeitsbeschränkung durchgeführt und das meine Lieben, liegt „außerhalb meines subjektiven Relevanzkorridors“!


Trotzdem wird der Ford GT voraussichtlich eingesetzt - mit Bruder Uwe und Dominik Schwager. Um Sponsoren und Fans glücklich zu stimmen.

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Dienstag, 03. Februar 2015

Ken Block Ford Werke Gymkhana.

Heute bei der Focus RS Vorstellung haben sie einen feinen Film gezeigt - featuring Ken Block mit einem Prototypen im Ford Werk unterwegs. Bei 18:40 Min. geht’s los.

Vorher kommt die komplette Palette an RS Modellen, die Ford in den letzten knapp 50 Jahren entwickelt hat - imposante Auflistung - inkl. RS 200! :)


Vor der Präsentation wurde dieser Film gezeigt, der mir sehr gut gefallen hat und den sie auf der Ford Youtubeseite hochgeladen haben. Hauptdarsteller: der neue GT.


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Montag, 12. Januar 2015

Neuer Ford GT auf Detroit Motorshow.

Sensation heute. Ich bin jetzt 21 Jahre in dem Laden und hab entsprechend schon Einiges erlebt. Aber dass mal so ein scharfes Gerät vorgestellt werden würde, überrascht mich ordentlich! Es gibt Hoffnung!

Mit 20832.com bin ich auch schon knapp 15 Jahre am Start (im Juni ist Geburtstag!) und normalerweise gibt es eine ziemlich klare Trennlinie zwischen diesen beiden Welten.

Ich habe immer versucht auch Ford-Inhalte hier unterzubringen, wenn es Sinn macht - man ist der Firma schon stark verbunden. Aber sooo viel Schnittmenge gab es nicht.

Das scheint sich jetzt zu ändern - find ich super! Das neue Performance Team hat mich schon hellhörig gemacht, der Fiesta ST beeindruckt überall die Tester, der RS soll weltweit auf den Markt kommen, der Mustang kommt dieses Jahr nach Deutschland - und jetzt dieser Ford GT, der mal garnichts anbrennen lässt.

Es wird sogar spekuliert, ob 2016 - wenn sich Ford’s erster Le Mans Gesamtsieg zum 50.mal jährt - wieder ein Ford in Le Mans am Start steht. Aber soweit will ich denken.

Jalopnik hat jede Menge GT Fotos von heute. In meinen Facebook Kommentaren wurde die Ähnlichkeit zum LaFerrari gesehen - ich persönlich sehe im Fensterbereich den Stratos wieder und das gefällt mir außerordentlich gut. Ist eins meiner Lieblingsdesigns.

Der hintere Teil ist sehr eigenständig - das ist nicht einfach, da es heute inzwischen sehr viele aufregend gestylte Supercars gibt.

Ich kann es jedenfalls nicht abwarten, den live zu erleben!

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Donnerstag, 03. April 2014

Happy Birthday Ford GT zum Fünfzigsten!

Interessanter und lesenswerter Rückblick von Bill Wagenblatt, der so endet:

“On April 1, 1964 the 40in tall GT prototype was present to the press and expectations were set for immediate domination of International GT Prototype racing.”

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